The Shell II: The Bourne Again Shell

The Bourne Again Shell is based on the Bourne Shell (an early UNIX shell that this book refers to as the original Bourne Shell to avoid confusion), which was written by Steve Bourne of AT&T’s Bell Laboratories. Over the years, the original Bourne Shell has been expanded and is still the basic shell provided with many commercial versions of UNIX. Because of its long and successful history, the Bourne Shell has been used to write many of the
shell scripts that help manage UNIX systems. Some of these scripts appear in Linux as Bourne Again Shell scripts.

Although bash includes many extensions and features not found in the Bourne Shell, bash maintains compatibility with the Bourne Shell so you can run Bourne Shell scripts under bash. Traditionally, the Bourne Shell is named sh. On Linux systems, sh is a symbolic link to bash so that scripts that require the presence of the Bourne Shell still run.

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    9 Авг 2009 by freetonik

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