cu-logo-smallCOMP 3007. Programming paradigms. An introduction to functional and logic programming. Topics include: semantics of functional programming, assignment-free programming, the meta-circular interpreter, recursive functions, Prolog, backtracking, cutting, and negation.

Введение в функциональное и логическое программирование. Включая: семантику функционального программирования, программирование без оператора присваивания, разработка интерпретатора внутри интерпретатора, рекурсивные функции, Пролог, бэктракинг и др.

Раздел в вики, посвященный этому курсу.


You should take the time to ensure that assignments are neat, legible and easy to understand. Any instructions required by the teaching assistants (for example any assumptions you made about the assignments) should be clearly indicated on a separate sheet of paper, included at the front of the assignment. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to demonstrate that you have understood and completed the assignment. A significant portion of your grade for assignments will be given for the readability of them and for your demonstration that you have completed the assigned tasks.

There will be 4 or 5 assignments in this course which will be available on the course web page. All assignments are counted towards the final grade.

Профессор: Dwight Deugo

Книга: Structure and Interpretation of Computing Programs

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